2014 Fall Forum

From Emergency Room to Recovery Room to Leaving the Hospital: The Oregon Economy is Healed (with a Few Lingering Ailments) 

Presenter: Dr. Thomas P. Potiowsky

The Oregon economy is finally seeing job growth in the fifth year of recovery that is typically seen during the second and third year.  Join the Kruse Way Economic Forum as we discuss why this recovery was so slow in the early years and what factors have caused the more recent strong growth.  Dr. Thomas P. Potiowsky will dive a bit deeper into the housing market and prospects for recovery.  We will also take a look at headwinds (and tailwinds) facing the US and Oregon economies, and whether we have seen a fundamental change in economic growth.

Tom is chair of the Portland State University Department of Economics, director of the newly formed Northwest Economic Research Center, and former state economist for Oregon. As Director of the Office of Economic Analysis, responsibilities included developing and disseminating quarterly state economic and demographic forecasts and estimating General Fund revenue for the State of Oregon.  The forecasts are used to develop both the Governor’s Budget and the Legislatively Approved Budget.