2012 Spring Forum

Starve Ups: How to Accelerate Your Business Growth

Passion + Innovation + The Missing Link = Wildly Successful Companies

Presenters: John Friess, Kevin DeWhitt, Carrie Atkinson, Paul Anthony

The Kruse Way Economic Forum presents Starve Ups, an exclusive entrepreneurial founders-only support group, which is currently the world's most successful virtual start-up accelerator. Starve Ups has discovered the power of Pure Peer Mentoring, the 'missing link' in:

Successful start-ups from inception to acquisition

Innovative products getting to market and changing the world 

Join the experience of a upbeat Q&A panel discussion lead by John Friess, found of Starve Ups and owner of journey gym. John will moderate the discussion with the founders of three of Starve Ups most intriguing and innovative companies. 

Agilyx: Kevin DeWhitt 

Sock It To Me: Carrie Atkinson

Rumblefish: Paul Anthony