2011 Spring Forum

10 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Business (Even if You Already Have)

Presenter: Thomas G. Jones, Ph. D.

Educator, Consultant, Coach, and Speaker - Clackamas Community College Small Business Development Center & The Ridgefield Institute

Starting a small business can be treacherous. So can managing an existing one. But in both cases, certain truths prevail - truths that can spell the difference between success, modest success or failure.

Dr. Jones knows. Named on of the 15 most innovative business educators in the United States, he has mentored 600 northwest start-ups and over 2,000 smaller ventures in the areas of business improvement, turnaround, and succession planning. His Greenhouse Program for start-ups has been selected as a model program - best in class - by the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.   

Dr. Jones discusses key issues of entrepreneurship and business management. You will learn about the importance of differentiation in market positioning, why a business plan isn't important, and the "Jones Small Business Diamond," a powerful model that explains what small businesses must do to thrive in our current market while maximizing both joy and wealth of the individual owner(s).